Application of Povidone-ketone in daily cosmetics and detergent

- Jun 28, 2017-

Daily Cosmetics

In the consumption structure of PVP, the cosmetic industry in developed countries accounted for $number, and our country accounted for $number. Because PvP has very low toxicity and physiological inertia, it has no stimulation to skin and eyes, and has long record in the field of medicine, so it is very safe to use in cosmetics. In daily cosmetics, PvP and copolymer have good dispersibility and film-forming, PvP has protective colloid in emulsion, can be used in fat and non fat paste, used as stereotypes, spray gel and mousse of the stereotypes, hair conditioner sunscreen, shampoo foam stabilizer, wave shaping agent and hair dye dispersant and hydrophilic agent. Adding PvP to creams, sunscreen, and hair-removal agents can enhance wetting and lubrication.


PvP has the properties of anti fouling and sedimentation, which can be used to prepare transparent liquid or heavy dirt detergent, the addition of PvP in the detergent has a good color-protection effect, and can enhance the cleaning ability, washing fabric can prevent synthetic detergent on the skin stimulation, especially synthetic fiber, this performance than the CMC type detergent more prominent. PvP can be mixed with borax as an effective ingredient in the formulation of phenol-containing disinfectant detergent. PvP and hydrogen peroxide solid compound detergent, with bleach, killing bacteria.