Application of povidone-ketone in food processing

- Jun 28, 2017-

PvP itself does not cause cancer, has good food safety, with specific polyphenols (such as tannin) to form complexes, in food processing mainly as beer, fruit juice, wine and other food clarifying agent and stabilizer. PvP can form complexation with specific polyphenols, such as tannin, to clarify and prevent coagulation in juice drinks. such as Buschke H and other people in the fermentation tank added 0. 1% ~. 2% soluble PVP can effectively reduce the solidification point. The use of PvP in the production of wine and vinegar can also play a role. Cross-linking PvP is particularly widely used in beer and tea beverages, and the polyphenols in beer can be combined with the protein in beer to produce tannin macromolecule complex, which will seriously affect the flavor of beer and shorten its shelf life. crosslinked polyethylene pyrrolidone (PVPP) can be combined with tannic acid and anthocyanins in beer to clarify beer, improve storage stability and prolong shelf life of beer. In tea beverages, the use of PVPP can be appropriate to reduce the content of tea polyphenols, and pvpp not residue in tea beverages, can be reused, greatly reducing costs.