Specfication for Povidone-Iodine EP8

- Aug 09, 2017-

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Revision Date: Aug.1, 2017

Manufacture: Huzhou Sunflower Pharmacuetical Co., Ltd.

Supplier:   Hangzhou Rainbow Import&Export Co. Ltd

TEL:+86 571-81061536 FAX:+86 571-88942470


Trade Name:                                SUNVIDONE® PI

Product Name:                            POVIDONE IODINE

CTFA adopted name:                PVP-I

CAS No.:                                       25655-41-8


Specification:   EP8 / USP32


Identification                                A.B.(USP32)


Appearance:                              yellowish-brown or reddish-brown, amorphous powder   

Solubility:                                    soluble in water, in ethanol ( 96 per cent ),

  praticaly insoluble in acetone                                        

PH value:                                     1.5-5.0   

Iodide:                                         6.0%max      

Loss on Drying:                           8.0% max                                                      

Sulphated ash:                            0.1% max.

Assay for available iodine:            9.0% to 12.0%                          

Heavy Metals:                              0.002% max

Nitrogen:                                      9.5 to 11.5% 

Shelf Life:         Two years, if stored in unopened original containers and protected from light at max.25℃

Packing:         20/25 kg net in fibre/plastic drums