The use of povidone iodine

- Jun 28, 2017-

1. The thermometer disinfection: 3% concentration soaked above 30min, removed can be placed in 75% ethanol, can also be used sterile water or cold boiled water into the disinfection container to spare.

2. A variety of glassware disinfection: can be used $number concentration immersion 1, due to the washing effect, conducive to cleaning. For carbon steel items such as scalpel tablets and aluminum products have corrosive, other metal equipment should not be long-term immersion disinfection.

3. Skin Disinfection: $number scrub 2min, can be used before the operation of the hand disinfection or infectious disease room, infectious disease specialist outpatient medical staff disinfection.

4. Treatment of Scald, Burn: With 0.5% of the solution, every 12h sprayed in the wound 1 times until the burnt scab separation.

5, Daily health care: for bacterial, fungal, trichomonas vaginitis, cervical inflammation, cervical erosion treatment. For the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), such as gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS and so on. After sex and after menstruation cleans the vagina. Gynecological surgery disinfection, vaginal disinfection before delivery.