Application Of Povidone-ketone In Medicine And Health

- Jun 28, 2017-

PvP has excellent physiological inertia, does not participate in human metabolism, but also has excellent biocompatibility, the skin, mucous membranes, eyes and so do not form any stimulation. Pharmaceutical Grade PvP is one of the three new medicinal excipients advocated by the international, which can be used as tablet, the binder of granule, the aid of the injection agent, the aid of the capsule, the poison of the eye drops, the agent, the lubricant and the film forming agent, the dispersant of the liquid preparation and the stabilizer of the enzyme and the heat sensitive drug, also can be used as the Low-temperature preservation Agent. Used in contact lenses to increase hydrophilicity and lubricity. PvP K30 has been approved by the State administration of medicine and officially listed. The company also supplies the K30 with the approved number.

From a biological point of view, the molecular structure of PvP is similar to that of a simple protein model, and even its water solubility is soluble in the ability of some small molecules and precipitated by some proteins such as ammonium sulfate, chloroacetic acid, tannin and phenols. So that the PVP is widely used as the excipients of pharmaceutical preparations, the specific application is as follows: Shan is used as a binder for preparation of Shan coprecipitation agent Shan as a solvent or crystallization inhibitor in the injection of Shan coating or film-forming agent Shan Retarder, sustained release drug controlled release can prolong the action time of drugs Shan artificial vitreous and cornea Shan surgical bandage with Spvp iodine disinfectant. In addition, PvP can be used as a colorant and X-ray contrast agent, can be applied to tablets, granules, water agents and other formulations of drugs, with detoxification, hemostasis, improve the concentration of dissolved, prevent peritoneal adhesion, promote erythrocyte sedimentation and other functions.