Properties Of Copolymer Of Ketones

- Jun 28, 2017-

Since the copolymer is a copolymer of NVP and VA, it has both the properties of PvP and PVAc. Compare the properties of the above three products, the copolymer retains good solubility, adhesion and film-forming properties of PvP, and has a much lower water absorption and wider solubility, better plasticity and stronger surface activity than PVP (note: The affinity of the water-based surface of the vegetable is larger than that of PvP). Therefore, the product is a good tablet adhesive, the application of its tablets with high hardness and low brittleness characteristics, in the humid conditions of production can be less adhesion, especially for high doses, poor water solubility and water-sensitive drug production and granulation.

At the same time, this product is also a good film-forming agent for tablets, granules, pellets and sugar coated tablets of the coating solution and topical use of spray. The film coating and spray film made by this product have good flexibility, low water absorption, high plasticity and low viscosity.