Use Of Cross-linked Povidone

- Jun 28, 2017-

Cross-linked poly-ketone is water insoluble tablets disintegrating agent, direct compression tablets and dry or wet granulation process in the use of the concentration of $number; cross-linked Poly-ketone can quickly show high capillary activity and excellent hydration ability, the tendency of almost no gel; The results showed that the size of crosslinked poly-ketone granules strongly affected the disintegration of antipyretic analgesic tablets, and the small crosslinking of large particles could play a more rapid disintegration. Cross-linked Poly-dimensional ketone is a very good disintegrating agent, the use of $number in tablets, you can obtain other commonly used disintegration of common disintegrating agent, and has a good reprocessing, that is, recycling processing, no need to add a number of disintegrating agents, known as Super disintegrating agent.

The hardness of the tablets, the short time of disintegration, the high dissolution rate and the stable stability are not changed by the crosslinking of the crosslinked povidone-ketone as disintegrating agent.

Cross-linked Povidone can also do tablets, capsules, granules of dry adhesives, fillers and excipients, the smaller size can reduce the pressure into tablets in one-sided markings, improve the uniformity of tablets, commonly used is 20 80mg tablets.

Cross-linked Poly-Ketone can also be used as a dissolution promoter, the use of co-evaporation technology, can increase the solubility of insoluble drugs: first of all, the appropriate solvents to the drug adsorption to cross-linked poly-ketone, and then evaporation of solvents, this technology can obtain faster dissolution rate.

This product in the food industry is also widely used in wine, brewing vinegar production of filter aid, to remove enzymes, proteins.

Cross-linked poly-ketone and polyphenols can form stable complexes, which can be used to refine water-soluble or alcoholic herbal extracts and tincture to improve the stability of plant medicine.